From mermaids to Romans, there are so many fantastic entertainers this year that we’ve listed them all here!


Armored Combat League

Experience live, full force, medieval style sword fighting as the Northwest Regional Tournament takes place. Cheer for your favorite champion and see who goes home the victor.


Bards and Nobles

Celtic and folk favorites from a group known for complex harmonies, first-rate guitar, merry percussion, and colorful costumes are what you’ll discover when you book this group for entertaining at your next event.  Find them at the links below for more details.
Email us at: bardsandnobles1@gmail.com. Please visit us at: bardsandnobles.blogspot.com & www.facebook.com/bardsandnobles/



Belegarth is a great live action battle-game group that simulates Dark Age and medieval combat with a touch of fantasy. They come with fun padded sword fighting, archery, fantastic costumes, and even a member who does fire poi demonstrations. They will be at the faire hosting several fun activities including archery. If you like what you see at Dragon Fyre Faire, Belegarth is a world-wide organization with members in the area. You can join them for more live action fun throughout the year.



Creative Moves

Creative Moves presents: “Weaving Webs”

And what sort of web shall we weave? Threads that tie us together in connection, tangled up together in the web of creation. Let’s spin something new together.

Keep an eye out for the spider faery to be making her way around the faire, maybe she’ll even invite you to add to her web! 


Holden Puma Theatre Troupe

The Holden Puma Theatre Troupe presents an adaptation of Rumpelstiltskin. This production is a student project, written and directed by Avalon Weaver.

Legends of Gerrar LARP

Legends of Gerrar is the combination of several different LARP groups. We have come together to increase the quality of our LARPs to the max. We meet regularly to reform rules and share ideas for each others LARP campaigns. We seek to improve all aspects of LARPing so that our players can get a more authentic feeling in our games. We welcome all new groups who wish to join the council.


Lady Laughs a Lot

Lady Laughs a Lot is full of stories, songs, and puppets that entertain and bring to life the imagination of all.  Seek her out in Pixie Hollow for your own journey into the land of fancy and magical creatures.

Magician: Ainsley Furgason

Ainsley Furgason was inspired at 4 years old to learn magic by the Amazing Andy. When he was sixteen he started performing professionally for audiences and at events. Over the years he has honed his skills in close up, walk around, parlor and busking/street magic. As well as magic, he is formally trained in theater, dance, juggling, clowning, stage combat, fire eating, stunt work and pyrotechnics. Visit his website to learn more about him and get booking details:  https://www.ainsleyfurgason.com


Mermaids/Sirens of the Great Salt Lake

We are a group of performing mermaids that appear at a number of Faires, Conventions and Charity events. We are also available to do parties, advertising, modeling, and many other types of events. Our website is https://www.mermaidsofgsl.wixsite.com/mermaidsofsaltlake or visit our Facebook page facebook.com/mermaidsofthegreatsaltlake


The Pixies & Friends

From mischievous to sweetly adorable; these pixies will surely put a smile on your face as you find them frolicking about the faire.  Try out our obstacle course in pixie hollow and earn a small prize!


RBlue Arts

Rebecca Blue is an artist and tarot reader from Salt Lake City, Utah. At Dragon Fyre Faire she will be performing as a traveling fortune teller. What does your future hold? You must find her to find out…

Queen Mary

Historically accurate Queen Mary will thrill you with her knowledge, persona and even a wonderful singing voice. (You can find her at our Queen’s Tea as well on the Activities Page.)



The talented belly dancing troupe from Pocatello will wow you with their moves.

Sven the Scallywag

Are you ready for sailor songs, pirate jokes and nautical shenanigans? Sven sure is!