Are you ready to leave the modern world behind and join the adventure of Dragon Fyre Faire?

Step into a weekend of renaissance fun, full of activities to keep everyone entertained and engaged.

Find out below how you can get immersed in the faire.

Smokin’ Feast – Friday July 13, 2018

Smokin' Feast Ticket

BBQ Smoke that is!  The feast will begin at 6:00 pm on Friday July 13th with a special sword fighting tournament. Following the tournament, the feast will be catered from TexaSmoke at 7:00 pm with entertainment and merriment throughout the meal. Feast meals are $25, with a Full Event Ticket included. Meal options are Chicken, Beef Brisket and Pulled Pork. This is a prepaid event; purchase your tickets before June 30th to enjoy this special event.
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Pirate King/Queen Competition 

Ahoy Matey! Be you the meanest, dirtiest, cleverest pirate in this land locked city? Come join the Pirate Contest and put ye skills to the test to win grand pirate treasure! Who has the best pirate costume, pirate walk, pirate joke, pirate flirting (or pirate song). Only one can be named Pirate King and Pirate Queen!! Have you a wee Pirate Cabin boy or girl? One prize will be given to the best wee pirate (0-13 years old). All others must be ready to Walk The Plank!! Please arrive at 3:50 to get registered for contest which will begin promptly at 4 pm.

Armored Combat League, Northwest Regional Tournament

Cheer your favorite fighter in this high intensity medieval sword fighting tournament, where the winner is the one still standing.

Dragon Lip Sync Battle

The battle is on…A lip sync battle, that is.  Can you out perform our Dragon when you go head to head in this battle of wits, charisma, and absurdity!? Judging will be provided by her majesty, Queen Mary I. Music available upon request.  See schedule for official show times.


Join Belegarth with their fun padded sword fighting, archery, and fantastic costumes. They will be at the faire hosting several fun activities including archery, sparring, and large group fights. If you like what you see at Dragon Fyre Faire, Belegarth is a huge national group with members all over the US and Canada. Details on how to join and find your local group available at the faire.

Children’s Quest

Do your kids need to put the screen down for a while and interact with the world around them? We’ll send them on this fun quest to help save the Queen and the faire!

The Double D’s

Let’s get your interactive gaming on. The Double D’s have a collection of modern games that have been made into wooden game boards.  Upgrade your skills and learn how to play.  Live matches going throughout the day.

Children’s Craft Table

From simple paper crafts any aged child can put together to more intricate fairy jars; there will be activities going on all day. Schedule to be posted at the faire.